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What’s in a Name?

Exodus 3:1-15 As Moses interacts with the Burning Bush, he asks, “What is your name?’  The voice of God answers, “I am who I am”.  Many have translated this various ways such as “ I am what I am or I will be what I will be (NRSV footnote.)    This is the God that does not allow description.  A name defines something, such as Adam naming …

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Jacob’s Crisis of Faith

Genesis 32 Genesis 32 is one of those chapters that I would enjoy having a four-week long discussion group take up.  This is a very revealing passage on how each of us can struggle in our spiritual life.  The story of Jacob includes miracles and visions.  He saw the stairway between heaven and earth, he …

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Trinity Sunday

Genesis 1:1-4, John 1:1-4 This Sunday is Trinity Sunday.  While Trinity is a foundational theological concept, the purpose of this day is not to rehearse the theology of the Trinity.  The passages highlighting the Trinity show us the relationship that is within the Godhead.  In creation we see God creating heaven and earth, but there …

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