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How Has The Truth of God Changed you?

2 Kings 22:1-20; 23:1-3  Josiah was the “boy-king,” becoming king of Judah when he was 8 years-old.  When he was 18, he undertook a restoration project in the Temple.  As they were cleaning out the rooms for restoration, they found a book.  It was the book of the Law of the Lord (many commentators think …

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No Commandment Without a Commander

Deuteronomy 5:1-21; 6:4-9    Where do our laws come from?  Some may read this passage from Deuteronomy and say Moses is the commander.  Some have the idea that all law comes from the King or the State, so whatever it says is legal is right.  But an honest reading of the Bible, we clearly see …

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The Fog that Saved America

In August of 1776, in response to the Declaration of Independence, the British moved to take and control New York and the Hudson River.  This would disrupt the trade between the northern and southern colonies.  George Washington with 19,000 troops had to oppose the British with 32,000 troops.  The colonials were defeated at the Battle …

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