Welcome Back!!

Let the Real Church year begin!!

As a Pastor, I have always seen September as the beginning of the church year.  I know it is part of the general society when school begins, vacations end, summer is over that we all want to get back to the normal routine.  Church needs to be a regular part of your normal routine.  Going to church is not just about the church, it is about entering a time when we think about what is really important. 

With the kids in school, it doesn’t mean that life gets less hectic.  Don’t let that hectic push out what is important.  Sunday School is starting.  A series of Bible sermons that revolve around the family of God.  And your connections to God and others are needing to be fortified or the edges get more and more frayed. 
Make a concerted effort to be at church this Sunday and make it a regular part of your weekly routine. 

  • The Children’s Sunday School resumes
  • Spot the Dragon returns for his antics
  • Special Coffee Hour for fellowship following the Service
  • Pub Theology meets September 11 at Mavis Winkles
  • Genesis 2 on the Creation of the Family