Hope for the Authentic

Matthew 7:13-29

This is the last sermon from the Sermon on the Mount in our series.  In the end of his Sermon, Jesus is talking about genuine and false, authentic and fake, truth and lies, success and ruin.  In the picture of the Judgement, Jesus talks to some people that thought their words were all that were needed.  Words alone do not make for authentic living. 
Are our words out of sync with our actions?  Someone caught up in an addiction may say they love their family, they want to do better, they are so sorry and will never do it again; yet return to their addictive substance.  Words alone do not make us righteous.  In the end, the King of the Kingdom will not be fooled by words alone, he is able to discern the authenticity of our hearts, our self-portrayal to others.

The fact is, our words need to reflect what is actually taking place in our inner lives and unless the words are translated into concrete actions, they are meaningless.  We may be those that call for justice for the oppressed but are we kind to them.  We may do impressive deeds, signs and wonders, but are we manifesting the heart of our Heavenly Father that is redeeming humankind through the sacrifice of his son?  Are we truly doing the will of the one we call Father in Heaven?

Pastor Greg

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