Hope for the Worriers

Matthew 6:24-34

This Sunday our text is a very challenging one for us.  As we read Jesus’ discussion of “do not worry,” we will be thinking about what disturbs our serenity and peace of mind.  “What shall I eat?” or “What will I wear?” or “What will happen tomorrow?” are the questions that are keeping us awake at night, that keep us from enjoying today, and keep us from seeing God’s provision for our life.

In the verses earlier Jesus told us to pray, “Give us today the bread we need.”  That is obviously a reminder of God providing manna in the wilderness.  As God provided manna, the Israelites has to trust the daily provision.  Those that hoarded it as they feared for tomorrow, experienced worms and stench in their tents.  Those that did not observe the Lord’s commands to respect the Sabbath, went without and were hungry.  Our daily bread comes from God, and as we understand God’s character and desire to care for us, we are able to live day-by-day not burdened by worry.

Jesus closes the section by telling us that each day is its own challenge.  That is where our energies need to go as we face this day.  Today when God’s manna is to be collected for this day.  The sixth day, when we have to collect extra for the Sabbath has its own challenges.  Then we live the Sabbath, where the provision of God is being supplied by the extra effort of yesterday.  But each day is a day for us to know the God of provision, the God that cares for each of his children each day and understands the trials that each of us face. 

Pastor Greg