Complete Joy in Jesus

“I have said these things to you
so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.”
John 15:11

Joy has been the topic of my articles during this Easter season. The verse
above is within Jesus’ analogy of the vine and the branches. As we (the branches) abide in Christ (the vine) we will have complete joy. This joy is really his joy abiding in us as we abide in him.
“Love unites the disciples to Christ as branches are united to a vine. Two
results stem from this relationship: obedience and joy. Obedience marks the cause of their fruitfulness; joy is its result. Jesus intends his disciples to be both
spontaneous and happy rather than burdensome and boring. Obedience in carrying out his purpose guarantees success, for Jesus never plans failure for his disciples. Joy logically follows when the disciples realize that the life of Christ in them is bringing fruit—something they could never produce in their own strength. (Expositor’s Commentary)”
Obedience to Christ keeps us connected to him, and joy is the energy that we
receive from that relationship. So, when Christians tell me that they are lacking
joy in their lives, I wonder if it is because their obedience is lacking. We should all question where are we not committed to being obedient to Christ. Then we can reconnect with Christ to allow this life completing joy to fill us.

Pastor Greg